Soul-Junk 1961

Brand new Soul-Junk as of this morning – "1961"
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  1. 1 Julian

    It’s downloading right now.

  2. 2 Andy

    Glen, there are many things about life in this age that can be unpleasant and at times excruciating–but I am grateful it is the age of the release of many Soul Junk albums. 1961 is great, and it is another blessing, and I am thankful.

    I’ve meant for the longest time to share the following; here goes. Some years ago now, I was driving to church in my kid-filled minivan. Bruce Springsteen, “No Surrender,” was on the iPod; all who could were rocking. After we arrived and the fist-pumping died down, I asked a friend, “how is it that a song about a well-meaning but failed high school band can be so viscerally exciting and even spiritually inspiring, but so much music about the greatest good and deepest depths can be so lame and shallow?” (I do not mean to judge, but it was an honest question.) And I felt deeply, and prayed, “Why shouldn’t there be God-fearing, Church-edifying music that gives full voice to the deep longing and raw humanity of us all?”

    Some time after that, 1960 came out and I was blessed to encounter it, and as I drove to church another Sunday, my arm was once again extended out the window in full overhead fist-pumping glory, except now “I will/delight myself/in your commandments/which I love” was streaming from my lips. And it hit me–God has answered my prayer; here is the music I’ve longed for. Glen, I believe that, with God’s grace and help, you are redeeming rock and roll–you are showing its world-defying, fear-despising, heart-wrenched soul what it was made for–to worship and honor God, exclaim His great praises, and utter the heart’s deep longings as it lives still in some form of separation from the bridegroom. I feel it all myself, and my family sings with you. Thanks again brother. And keep them coming.

  3. 3 Cyle

    Today is my birthday. What an excellent gift! Thanks for being such a blessing. I’ll be rocking to this all day.

  4. 4 paul g

    Right now, I’m really feeling “Swallowed Us Alive,” which is track 4… and verses pulled from Psalm 124 NIV –

  5. 5 paul g

    And… really consuming some “Soupmog,” which is track 9 and verses fed upon Psalm 128 NIV –

  6. 6 Stan

    Hi Glen,

    Listened to it a few times now while at working at work. Great songs and melody as always! Thank you Glen!

  7. 7 paul g

    And… “130 Uranusuaru” is fist pump and head-noddin’ worthy. Routed from Psalm 130 –

  8. 8 paul g

    I’m such a dope for only NOW noticing that the Psalm is listed RIGHT THERE in the title. My excitement for the music exceeds thought. By the way, when blasting 134, that’s when I became a fan of Jude on the skins.

  9. 9 Glen Galaxy

    paul thanks a billions. jude has been a goode fan since like age 3. seriously.

    & andy that makes my day. fist-pumps on the level of THE BOSS…how can any self-deflecting rocker not feel that> really though, that’s it. jude & i were having a long late-night discuss about this after church a couple weeks ago. it’s so much time to light that kind of experience up in the Holy Spirit, encourage each other in God – by digging in deep & singing drawing filming cutting hacking doodling torching spraying/saying prophecy out what we actually FEEL.

    if what we have in God is tangible, then yes incinerate that >>

  10. 10 Julian

    Months down the road, this is still my most-listened-to new music, and I’m hoping that this is coming out on vinyl soon.

    But yeah, I’m agreeing with Andy… the settings of these Psalms really illustrate the fist-pumping, heart-jumping-out awesome goodness and joy experienced in the presence of God.

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